Friday, 22 January 2010

A Fresh Start

I used to have 4 posts on this blog (a whole 4 I know), but I've deleted them. They were almost 2 years old and things have changed.

I started this blog originally as I missed blogging. I used to update my LiveJournal frequently, but tired of the scene. Not that I didn't enjoy writing, but more that I didn't feel appreciated and didn't like the utter cliquey nature of certain LJ groups I was involved in. Or the depressing fangirling as witnessed in the blogs of 'girls' in their mid-twenties. Not for me, thanks.

So here I am now, a clean slate. Ready to make my mark (or not) on the blogging world.

Let us start with an introduction.

I am R. I am 22. I am in my final year studying Law at a very prestigious university (no, not one of those two, a Scottish one. Yep, the one beginning with an E). It's been a long, hard slog but I'm finally approaching the finish line. And I can't bloody wait. I am in love with K. We have been together for 14 and a half months so far. He makes me deliriously happy, that is, when he's not acting the fool and annoying me. Most of all he makes my heart beat fast and grin hopelessly. I have a part-time job as a tour-guide at a famous (haunted!) attraction. Been there for almost 4 years, with no intention of staying past graduation. I have plans. Boring, proper grown-up life type plans, but fun, last-fling of youth before a full-time job drags me down type plans too. And I live with my sister in a beautiful flat.

But now, however, I am retiring to my bed. I have a driving lesson at 10am so should really have been in bed 2 hours ago. Not to mention a fun-filled day at the library essay-writing to look forward to, hurrah!


R xxx

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Kirsti said...

Hey! Just occured to me that you might have a blog too, and wayhey, I found it. Not quite sure how to follow it though, I used to know how to do that but I can't find the button. For someone who spends so much time on the pc I can be such a noob!! Looking forward to you coming to France, reckon being here is about as far as it gets for a last-fling-of-youth for me, after that I'm ready to go home and be boring again, haha. Hope you're not planning any Twilight style cliff-diving or Gilmore Girls style "Life and Death Brigade" jumping off high things without a working parachute though, or generally anything which involves you ending up in A&E, hehe. :D