Monday, 29 August 2011

Get crazy, get wild...

Why do I even have a blog? Yet again it has been two months since I wrote anything. In one sense, that's fine as I suppose the blog is for me as much as anything, in another sense though should I have any readers (and I'm not certain I do) then why would they want to bother following me when I never post?

Well, at least one person does read this as Louise has nominated me for a blog award! Entirely undeserved I assure you (just look at how infrequently I post) but thank you anyway. I believe I have to answer some questionaire, so here it goes.

Your favourite colour- Grey. I was actually talking about this with K yesterday. I'm not sure I really have a 'favourite' colour as such, but I seem to own a lot of grey clothes...
Favourite song at the moment- Laura Marling - Sophia. The beginning makes me a bit sad, but when it kicks in I absolutely love it. Jealous of her.
Your favourite dessert- Anything really, I have a very sweet tooth. I love me some baked cheesecake (New York), but I also love chocolate stuff too like brownies and caramel shortcake.
What is pissing you off- Work I suppose. It's hardly challenging, plus I've been left holding the fort on my own this week!
When you're upset you- I phone K and moan at him!
Your favourite pet- Cats obviously - ours are Katie and Morag.
Black or White- Black. Definitely.
Biggest fear- I sincerely dislike discussing this as I give myself proper panic/anxiety attacks over it just by thinking about it.
Best feature- My sparkling wit.
Everyday attitude- To quote The Cribs "I'm a realist, I'm a romantic, I'm an indecisive piece of shit".
What is perfection- Does anyone know? It can't be achieved anyway.
Guilty pleasure- Jersey Shore. OHHH YEAAAAH!

I will write a proper post at some point soon, honest. I also believe I'm meant to single out three blogs to award the, erm, award to. Honestly every blog that I follow is well worth a peek!

Back to work.