Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pastures new...

Oh dear oh dear, it has been almost 2 months since I blogged. Oopsadaisy!

What is new? Well, I moved flat this weekend for a start. The lease on my old flat was up and the landlords were wanting to take it off the market so that they could renovate it. Plus, my sister J has now graduated and was moving home so I needed to find somewhere new to live. I did find a girl through Gumtree who seemed nice and we were all set to find a place together but she got a promotion in Glasgow and was going to have to move there. Leaving me back at square 1. Luckily, however, I found a room in a flat not long afterwards and have now moved in. I'm living with 2 girls my own age who also work full-time and so far they seem very nice. One of them is graduating tomorrow and her parents have come through for it, they took us out for a meal tonight which was good. It was commented by her mother that I'm very quiet, although as she also said I was probably overwhelmed by everyone else. It is difficult when everyone else in the group knows each other and you're the new addition. Still, I had a nice time and it filled my social quota.

I'm pleased to report, also, that I have been told to book my driving test at long last. I changed instructor again as my previous one was leaving the company and something's just clicked. I can drive. Roundabouts don't faze me anymore. I am amazing. Now I just need to actually book the test... I really do want a car though but can't afford one (or rather, I can afford to buy one but not to run it) so I'll pass and then nothing for a while yet.

I had booked great train tickets down to London for the end of July, planning to go to the Horrible Histories prom with my friend B. Got a great deal from the East Coast line - £25 one way first class tickets, yes please! I've yet to book accomodation, which is probably a good thing cos I've just found out I'm meant to be appearing in court on the 29th July (the day I'm going down to London) as a witness in a mugging case. The mugging happened in March. I'm pleased it's actually going to court, but couldn't it have happened at a more convenient time?! Still, I've not actually been served with the summons yet - just a 'sorry, you were out' type card from the police. Fingers crossed I can sort something out...

Oh and on Friday my mum and I are going to Taste of Edinburgh. Katie Lewis won tickets and kindly gave them to me. I'm really looking forward to this, plus my mum is staying over and I don't think she's ever done that in all the time I've lived through here (coming up for 6 years) so that'll be good.

It is now, however, very nearly midnight and I want to watch The Apprentice before I go to sleep. Night!