Friday, 22 January 2010

Bills bills bills

The title of this post relates to two things.

Firstly, my driving instructor is called Bill. I had an awful lesson today. BSM has changed the car they use from the Vauxhall Corsa (though Bill had the Astra) to the 'iconic' Fiat 500. For one thing it's stupid to have someone learn to drive in a car as small as the Cinquecento, but it's also really difficult to adapt to driving a different type of car. I'm very small and the seat didn't move as far forward as I'd have liked, meaning I didn't have as much strength in my left leg to control the clutch. Also it requires so much gas! And because of this, is very sensitive to 'too little' gas and stalls easily. Was supposed to be a 2 hour lesson, but Bill could tell I wasn't enjoying it so I just had an hour lesson instead.


Secondly, the title of the post refers to the number of phone calls I have made today to various customer service hotlines trying to sort out the sorry mess that is our gas and electricity bills. Today we received a bill from Scottish Hydro for the electricity, when I'd already paid Scottish Power for it. After 3 phone calls (and doubtless a massive phone bill) I finally got it sorted out. Unfortunately our mammoth gas bill still stands. Oh goody. Also was on the phone to the Royal Mail trying to figure out why they have yet to deliver a package despite me arranging for it to be redelivered. Hopefully that has been sorted out now too.

I intended to go to the library almost 2 hours ago. Woops. Should probably head down now though, try and do some essaying and possibly a bit of dissertation. Not to mention the application forms for graduate schemes I want to take part in after uni, first one's due by Monday and I haven't started. Hate that they want me to write a creative piece about the industry, and want me to tell them how great I am and why they should hire me. Can't I just attach a pretty photo instead? I do a great little-girl-cute face!

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