Wednesday, 19 January 2011

As it turns out getting my wisdom tooth out wasn't that bad. In the end the dentist elected only to take the upper right one out for the time being and see how that goes, but in all likelihood I'm going to need the upper left one and very possibly the horrible lowers out too. Urgh.

I believe I have a few followers now, thank you very much. A thousand apologies for my no doubt extremely boring blog, but I suppose in a way it reflects my extremely boring life! If I did anything of any consequence then perhaps I'd have a reason to write here.

I have been at home in Glasgow for a few days and am going back to Edinburgh at some point this evening. Driving tomorrow - when will I ever be good enough to pass? I have been learning for so so so long and it makes me angry thinking about how long I wasted with my old instructor, not to mention how much money I wasted too!

Talking of money I very helpfully have received three bills in a very short space of time, on top of booking accomodation for my trip to London. I do need to pay these bills but I have no money, oh good. Looks like I'll be dipping into my savings again to help pay them! Brilliant.

And I haven't heard back from my interview last week. They said 'middle of next week' - well it is Wednesday and I have heard nothing. I hope they get back to me either way. If only to be polite.

Nevermind. Life isn't so bad really.

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