Thursday, 30 September 2010

De temps en temps

Job hunting is possibly my least favourite thing ever.

Granted I'm not someone who's been sending out 50 CVs a day, but I have been trying, honest. It's so disheartening when a company can't be bothered to get back to you though. I'm particularly angry about one that asked you to fill out a really detailed application form, and hand it in in person. Which I did. Did I hear anything? No. Not even when I emailed them asking when they'd be getting back to me. And for another role I had an interview last week. They said they'd get back at the beginning of this week - well, it's Thursday now and I've heard nothing.

Thankfully a complaint I made about a certain temping agency's receptionist being rude to me on the phone, and them not contacting me after I registered, has been taken seriously and I'm meeting with them tomorrow. Finally!

I just really want a job! :(

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