Wednesday, 2 June 2010

In a dark, dark town...

I haven't written on here in ages, oops. Bad blogger.

On Friday, at approximately noon, I get my degree classification. I am not looking forward to this. Yes it will mean the end of my university career - something I have mixed feelings about - and it also means I will finally have a degree, but I am scared about the result. I did not study enough for my exams (what's new?) and there is absolutely nothing I can do about this now. In particular I'm concerned about the effect that my awful Media Law exam will have on my overall results. The exam was partly okay and partly horrendous and I am petrified that this will have a devestating effect on my classification. I have tried out various scenarios on my calculator, and I think I won't be getting a 3rd (thank goodness) because I'd need to really fuck up and get a 37% average from this year for that to have happened (and I really hope Media wasn't so bad that that has happened!). But in order to get a 2:1 (minimum of 60% average over both years) I need 58.666% average from fourth year. Now, I think Gender & Justice went alright, and I hope my dissertation's good, but I have no idea about Media! I really want a 2:1!

Thinking about it actually makes me feel sick. So I should stop thinking about it, right?


Anonymous said...

I loved your comment on the giveaway for the lace vest! :D


Violent Delights said...

Thanks, and I love your clothes!


Marla Singer said...

hi dear, you won my giveaway! yaaay. please check my latest post and just wait for the email from ShopDixi. thanks, love <3


Violent Delights said...

Yaaaaaaay! Thank you Marla!