Saturday, 17 April 2010

Red sky at night

This damn volcano! It has stranded my sister, J, in Amsterdam. She was over there visiting her boyfriend, but now can't get back. Originally her flight was meant to be on Friday morning, so upon logging onto the BBC's site on Thursday morning before my driving lesson and discovering that UK airspace was completely closed panic stations began to kick in. It's intensely frustrating that travel information is only update a few hours in advance, as this makes it so much more difficult to plan ahead. Currently she's rebooked onto a flight on Monday night, but of course the ash cloud may very well still be an issue then - in fact it most probably will be - so my dad's been looking at alternative travel arrangements for her, namely a ferry from the Netherlands to the south of England. She's meant to start back at uni on Tuesday, has an essay due for Friday and an exam on the 5th May.

As for my own exams? Oh deary me. I am awful at everything. Well, not everything, but at actually settling down and doing any bloody revision! Woe.

Not to mention the fact that I'm working way too much this week. Cry!

Best get back to actually studying.

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