Saturday, 6 February 2010


Except I'm not.

I get sad when I'm lonely. Which is silly, I've lived by myself for a month or two before and could cope. But since living with J, my sister, and since being with K I get upset when I'm by myself for long periods of time. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm an introvert. I was at a meeting at my friend's house on Wednesday and there were maybe 25 people crammed into her tiny living room. I couldn't stand it. I was sat at the back of the room. The loud, exuberant, over-the-top types were doing my nut in. I wanted to leave. But I didn't because this meeting was important to her (she's running for student union president and we're her campaign team). I'm content being by myself on the whole, it works for me. I don't have many close friends at uni so I spend a lot of time there alone. But not completely, there are other people there, just not with me.

What I hate the most though is going to bed by myself. How I ever coped before I was with K I don't know. I have fears. Fears I don't especially like talking about. And being alone and going to sleep sometimes makes these worse. K is a wonderful distraction, plus he's like a big massive teddy for me to hug.

But now I must get on with writing my CV from scratch, fun!

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