Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Here Comes The Sun...

EDIT: BLOGGER IS BEING A DICK AND REMOVING MY LINE SPACES - SORRY! Or not because today it has been pissing it down with rain. Fingers crossed for it clearing up this evening because I want to go for a jog. That's right, you heard me, a jog! Pick yourselves up, have a cup of sweet tea and recover from the shock. I have started doing EXERCISE. Now anyone who knows me will know that is the funniest thing they have ever heard. I don't exercise. I positively hated PE at school (and boy did I let them know about that). In fact, whilst I got great marks in every other subject at school (yeah, I'm one of those annoying people who was good at everything), PE was my one weak point. Not that I minded, and my teachers grew to learn this - in fact I think they found my apathy towards the subject funny and would let me get away with not trying more than they ought to have. But recently I've been thinking that I need to do some form of exercise. I tend to go through very short phases of going swimming a couple of times, but never actually doing it regularly enough to count for much. So I am going to continue jogging, especially as the weather is (slowly) improving. I am still lazy, for example I was going to go after work yesterday but thought it looked like rain so decided not to after all and go today instead (something I will regret if it doesn't stop actually raining!). But I will keep it up. Honest. I'm naturally petite and slim, but I'm not fit or toned and I want to be. I have no ambitions of running great lengths, I just want to feel and look a bit better. Wish me luck. In other news I am now in my 3rd week of a 6 month post at the Scottish Government, hurrah! I got the assignment through my agency and I'm very glad they came up good eventually. I had hoped for policy, and this is more project work, but my line manager is happy for us to get a rounded experience and organise policy shadowing. Specifically I'm working in the Education directorate, helping to manage the School 2 School database, which tracks pupils in Scotland, and chasing up those pupils who are missing from education. The actual job itself is perhaps a little boring, a lot of Excel, but the subject matter is interesting which in turn makes the job fairly enjoyable. Rather annoyingly I was phoned yesterday by Citizens Advice offering me a fundraising role for a couple of weeks but had to turn it down due to my job - it's exactly the sort of thing I wanted to be doing when I was unemployed and would have been fantastic experience, but alas it came too late. Still, they said they'd be in contact about an advisory post soon so fingers crossed. Re genealogy and archiving, I visited the Scottish Genealogy Society's library and am thinking about volunteering with them. I'm reluctant to do this every week given I'm working full-time so I hope they're okay with me doing it once a fortnight or month perhaps. I had contacted the City Archives, who have a long waiting list of volunteers, but I need to get in touch with the other archives who advertise volunteering posts too. Not to mention the paid scheme in Glasgow in May. Oh, and I have an interview for a permanent post in Glasgow next week! It's for a public policy adminstrator with NSPCC. Yes it's an admin post, so not really what I aim to be doing, but it's in the right department and I have admin experience so I'm hoping it can be considered a foot in the door. I don't really know what to do about it, given I have this job at the Government at the moment, but I may as well go to the interview, right? It would mean moving back to Glasgow though. And lastly, because I am actually at work just now so probably should be 'working', the lovely Emma Louise of Fallen Angel To Yummy Mummy (link in my profile I believe, under the blogs that I follow) has given me a Versatile Blogger award under the condition that I blog more. So here I am! I believe I am supposed to write 5 facts about me and then give the award to other bloggers. I will write the 5 facts, but instead of giving out the award I instead suggest that you check out the blogs that I follow. I don't follow a huge amount and they're all worth reading and range from fashion to veganism (I'm not a vegan myself but my good friend writes it and it is interesting, she's currently obsessed with vegan Easter chocolates). 5 Facts About Me. 1. I am the eldest of 4 children (two younger sisters aged 21 and 19, and a younger brother aged 17). I am, however, the shortest and smallest of the lot and am frequently mistaken for being younger than my sisters. This is alright when you can 'shock' someone by going "Actually, I'm her BIG sister" but annoying when, to use an example from Sunday, in a restaurant and the waitress pours them a full glass of wine and me and my brother a half glass... I am 23 ffs. 2. I don't enjoy being drunk. I am not teetotal in the slightest, although I don't drink as much as I did in 1st and 2nd year of uni, but I don't especially enjoy the sensation - being dizzy, not being in complete control, feeling sick etc. I still get rat arsed from time to time (much to K's amusement), but I drunkenly moan about it. I'd much rather just have a couple of glasses of wine and that's it, but at the same time I enjoy actually drinking and the social situations it often occurs in, and thus drink more than I intended to and suffer for it the next day. 3. I am very messy. I hasten to add that I am not dirty, I am simply messy and untidy. I find it extremely difficult to keep my room tidy - it inevitably descends into a tip within a few days of being tidied - and I don't know why. I actually quite enjoy cleaning, just not tidying... 4. I consider myself to be a democratic socialist. At university I was a member of the Labour Club and took part in youth conferences and campaigning. I even accidentally joined the party (there's an opt-out on the form for joining the youth wing) - I was happy to support the party at the time but didn't want to be a member so that was a bit annoying. I stopped going to meeting in my penultimate year of uni because the club itself was going downhill due to lack of interest and being solely comprised of career politicians. I believe it's much better now but alas I am no longer a student. I am very liberal and much more left wing than the party, but I'm not quite sure I could bring myself to be a Scottish Socialist. 5. I don't have a list of baby names. I have a list of cat names instead. Is this weird? I do want children someday (not for a while yet), but I really want a cat (or two). We have two cats at my parents' and had one while I was growing up. Really I'm not an animal person at all, but cats are the exception (that proves the rule perhaps?). My cat names come as singles and in pairs, depending on how many cats I have at one time. Examples include Byron and Shelley for a pair of boy cats, Clodagh and Bronagh for a pair of girl cats, Hero for a girl cat... and more. Anyway, this is now a very long post indeed so I shall go. And get back to work. Goodbye!

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Kirsti said...

Hi! Thanks for the free promotion of my blog :) I now have a following of 7, I'm really getting well known :P

Sounds like you've got a lot of options on the job and volunteering front, which is great! I'm being so lazy at the moment only volunteering 3 days a week, after exams I will really need to up it or get another part time job, but I'm reluctant as PC world was so crap.

Aren't you meant to be blogging more since that award :P!